Trump Clinton
Everyone seems to have an opinion about how the electoral map will look at the end of the night. I have been watching the polls over the recent days and here is my best guess and why I chose a candidate in some of the big battleground states:

So I am predicting that Clinton will win and that it will be Nevada that puts her over the top in the end.

New Hampshire – I think Trump will win in a close race which will not be a big shock right now and could be a good sign for him tonight.

Pennsylvania – Clinton will win this by 3 to 6 points in the end. The Clinton rally last night was impressive.

Virginia – Trump gave up on this state a little while back and having Kaine on the ticket will be enough for the victory.

North Carolina – I think the early voting data that I heard was enough for me to give the edge to Trump.

Florida – This is the one I am least confident about in my predictions. Florida is a wild card that could go either way. I am giving an edge to Trump because I believe that Rubio will win the Senate race and that will benefit Trump.

Ohio – This one is going Trump…no question in my mind at this point.

Iowa – I expect this one to be close or maybe REALLY close but I give the slight edge to Trump.

Nevada – Early voting numbers look really good for Clinton and this is the state (based on my guess) that will put her over the top and become the next President.

There is my best guess about what will happen tonight. I could be totally wrong. If Florida or North Carolina goes to Clinton, this could turn into an entire blow out tonight or if Trump wins Pennsylvania look out because then he could have a really good night.
One final thought…if my map is correct but Nevada flips to Trump…we get 269 to 269…and if you think things have been crazy so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Let us all hope it does not end up that way.
Finally…how will the US Senate look after tonight? Here is my best guess:
My prediction has Democrats picking up 3 seats tonight. I could se a scenario where they get a 4th but I also see a scenario where they only get 2…this should be watched VERY closely as well tonight.
OK, we have seen the polls, predictions and technology outreach scorecards. Now it is all up to you. This election will be about turnout and the candidates that can get people out to vote will end up doing the best tonight. If you have not voted yet, get there today. Polls open at 7:00am (and close at 8:00pm) in Maryland.
Scott E