Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.
Since my LAST POST, there have not been many changes. Here is what happened on the 4th after my post:

  • 11/4 Virginia changes from Toss Up to Leans Clinton
  • 11/4 New Mexico changes from Lean Clinton to Toss Up

Here is the latest map outlook as of this morning – Clinton +8 since last post: (Clinton – 216 | Toss Up – 158 | Trump – 164)
A few polls were released yesterday but they did not make any changes the map. Here is what was reported on RCP:

  • Washington: Clinton +12
  • Colorado: Tie (Clinton and Trump with 40% each, Johnson 7% and Stein 4%)
  • Iowa (2 polls): Clinton +1, Trump +7
  • Pennsylvania (2 polls): Clinton +2, Clinton +4

Other interesting polls that came out yesterday were the ones for US Senate in the Battleground states:

  • Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty: Toomey +1
  • Pennsylvania Senate – Toomey vs. McGinty: McGinty +2
  • Colorado Senate – Glenn vs. Bennet: Bennet +3
  • Iowa Senate – Grassley vs. Judge: Grassley +16

What does that show: Iowa trending Republican, Colorado trending Democratic and Pennsylvania could be very close.
For some local stuff in this article….I have seen some posts from a few HoCoDems working hard up in Pennsylvania:
I am still sticking with my prediction of the three most important states being Florida, New Hampshire and Nevada. I guess I could throw in North Carolina also but I am still guessing that Trump will squeak that one out in the end.
We are two days away to see how good these polls are and who will actually win.
Be sure to get out and vote on the 8th!!!
Scott E
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