Recent HoCoBOE Facebook Outreach – October Update


We are down to the home stretch of this election…only 21 days remain for these candidates to convince you that they are your best choice for Howard County Board of Education this election cycle. Which candidates are doing the best with online outreach (via Facebook)? Here are the numbers…



  • Most overall followers – Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo continue to hold an online advantage with the most Facebook followers.  (as a note – this page represents two candidates on a slate which may be why their numbers are higher than the single candidate pages).
  • Most Active –Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo page has been very active over the past week with 13 posts.
  • Most Engagement (likes, shares and comments) –Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo had the most follower engagement over the past week with 138 likes, comments or shares. Kirsten Coombs came in second with and engagement score of 49,
  • Most new followers over the past month – Janet Siddiqui has added 64 new Facebook followers since the past review last month. The other candidates had the following changes in Facebook Followers
    • Coombs (+27)
    • Miller (+26)
    • Delmont-Small and Cutroneo (+8)
    • Ellis(+7)
  • Other items of note:
    • Janet Siddiqui has launched a new YouTube channel and uploaded six videos to that channel over the past month. I believe she is the only BOE candidate with a YouTube channel (if I am wrong, let me know).
    • All six candidates have been active on Facebook. I believe this is the first time I am able to report that fact. Siddiqui had not used her campaign Facebook page in a LONG time, but she is back to posting to that page as of October 4th.

Those are the numbers and some basic information I found interesting….interested in viewing all of the online outreach links for the candidates? CLICK HERE

There are a few more forums before the end of the month. View a listing of opportunities to hear form the candidates HERE.

Scott E

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