Candidates – Maryland’s 7th Congressional District – September Technology Outreach Scorecard Suspended

MD07 Candidates

With 48 days until the election, I have decided to suspend this scorecard. Seriously does anyone think that Congressman Cummings can lose this race? I don’t. He never receives less than 70% of the vote (OK, in 2014 he got 69.9%) and this year there is no candidate strong enough to get any closer than past candidates. This grouping of candidates running against him is pretty bad with online outreach which is why I am suspending this scorecard. That being said, here are some resources for those still interested:

The candidates: To see the full list of candidates click here

(D) Elijah Cummings:

(R) Corrogan Vaughn:

(I) Andre Odell Kersey:

(L) Scott Soffen:

(G) Myles B. Hoenig:

Past evaluation and articles:

AugustJulyJunePrimary ResultsApril

Scott E


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