Photo Credit: Amber Treat (via Twitter)

It has been a month since I have looked at the Facebook outreach of the Howard County Board of Education candidates…let us all see how they have done since the last evaluation:
Interested in all of the online outreach links for the candidates? CLICK HERE

  • Most overall followers – Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo continue to hold an online advantage with the most Facebook followers.
  • Most Active –Kirsten Coombs has been very active over the past week with 13 posts.
  • Most Engagement (likes, shares and comments) –Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo had the most follower engagement over the past week with 130 likes, comments or shares. Kirsten Coombs came in a strong second with and engagement score of 83,
  • Most new followers over the past month – Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo has added 55 new Facebook followers since the past review last month. The other candidates had the following changes in Facebook Followers
    • Coombs (+31)
    • Miller (+9)
    • Ellis (+3)
    • Siddiqui (-1)

Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo remain the top candidates with online outreach but Kirsten Coombs is making a strong push online. Miller and Ellis are active but not putting the same effort in as the other candidates mentioned. Siddiqui is not using her online tools for outreach to potential voters.
It is candidate forum season. See a list of upcoming forums HERE. The first of many forums was last night and attended by five of the candidates (see photo at top of the page). I know that work, family and emergencies can get in the way of attending forums for candidates…but it will be interesting to see which candidates have the highest attendance at the forums. (#WorkingForYourVote)
Have a great day!
Scott E