Starting Maryland Public Schools after Labor Day


So by now you probably have seen, read or heard about the Executive Order signed by Governor Hogan requiring Maryland Public School after Labor Day starting next year. Here is the article from the Baltimore Sun about this topic:

Hogan orders Maryland public schools to start after Labor Day, sparking political fight

How do I feel on this subject? Personally, I have mixed emotions. I am not a fan of Executive Orders on local jurisdictions. I also think starting after Labor day may be a good thing but I also recognize the arguments on the other side. My daughter is a senior in high school this year so I am finding it difficult to get super spun up about this right now…I am focusing on listening to all sides of the issue and will make my final decision at some point in the future.

One of the things I find most interesting is the lash out from some people directed at Larry Hogan or the Republican party. OK, yes he is the Governor and HE is the one that signed that executive order, but do you see the Maryland Comptroller (Peter Franchot) in the photo above? Comptroller Franchot is a Democrat and a BIG supporter of this plan. Here are a few of the endorsements he lists on his website:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.47.57 AM
Click to view all endorsements

So for all of those blasting Hogan and the Republicans, you might want to equally blast Franchot and the Democrats that are supportive of this plan. That is just my opinion.

There are some local HoCoBloggers that have put out their opinions. Here are the ones I have seen so far:

HoCo ConnectNew school start date misses the correct educational change

Village Green/Town²Make Maryland Great Again?

Be sure to give those articles a look as they provide some interesting information.

I did a Twitter poll on the subject (can anything be more unscientific) and here were the results:

“Do you support Larry Hogan’s executive order requiring Maryland public schools to begin after Labor Day? #HoCoMD”

  • 48% – Local BOEs should decide
  • 24% – Yes – Love it
  • 16% – No – this is a bad idea
  • 12% – Note sure – want more info

I was glad to see “Local BOEs should decide” win out in the poll…but we should all remember that not all local BOEs appear to have the best interest of the children, educators and parents in mind when making decisions (yeah HoCoMD – based on the articles in the paper and the recent local Primary, we are now grouped into this category). Maybe in these cases, some oversight by the state is needed to “right the ship”. Again, I am not taking a stand either way but just putting information out there to my readers to think about on this topic.

One of the items that brought this issue to the forefront this year (I am guessing) was the closure of the 37 Baltimore County schools for those couple of hot days early in their school year. If you missed it, here is some reading material for you:

There will be MUCH more on this issue in the future…I am betting we see lots of fights in the political arena…should be interesting to see the spin for all sides on this issue.

One of my plans for Scott E’s Blog Talk Radio will be to try and interview each of the six HoCoBOE candidates. I promise that this will be one of the questions that I ask.

The week is coming to an end…Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

Scott E


  1. Any poll’s outcome can be skewed by the form of the questions. I personally like the executive order and think that it is beneficial to MOST students, families and businesses for ALL of MD. I DO think that local BoEd’s should decide on the days off using the guidelines of the executive order….see how that can change the numbers? The BoEd’s want to keep the status quo to make their job easier. Messing with the school calendar will ALWAYS bring out a very vocal minority. Having a child in HCPSS (even though a Sr.) didn’t you find all the 4 day weeks and 1/2 days disruptive to your family life and detrimental to the “flow” of the classroom? It has bothered me, and I’m a stay at home mom. I can’t imagine working and continually having to find alternate plans for my younger children. The inconsistencies of the school week, homework schedule makes it difficult at home after school. Most work better and smarter when a schedule is followed.

    And just a thought about the current situation with our BoEd. Can you imagine how many millions of dollars they would spend on study after study and then never follow through on the results of the studies? Good gracious, they just sit, spend money, twiddle their thumbs but never make a tough decision (except for a few good ones to be left unnamed) all for the sake of not offending “the few”? Still hearing nothing but crickets on the later school start times for HS.


    • Good points. I was going to mention the school calendar in the post but thought I may save for for another post down the road. As an example, after this first week of school, the kids get, a 4 day week, another 4 day week, two 5 day weeks, back to back 4 day weeks, then a 5 day week and finish out October with a 4 day week. I may write more about this in a future post. Thanks for your comments.


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