I am jumping off my normal technology reporting to show a video of an interview that just spun me up this morning.
Kevin Kamenetz was interviewed on Fox 45 about the air conditioning controversy in Baltimore County. Here is what I captured from the broadcast: (note, captured on my iPhone and the volume is a bit low, so turn up the volume on your device to hear the audio).

Here are my observations of his statement:

  • Kamenetz cuts funding (according to the report) for portable AC’s and attempts to blame Governor Hogan. Seriously spin much County Executive Kamenetz? You cut funding but you say “people that are upset should direct their ire to Governor Hogan to help to release the money so we can get the job done sooner” – come on, you can do better than this.
  • Kamenetz goes on to say “schools haven’t had air conditioning for 50 years”. This kills your blaming of Governor Hogan statement. 50 years – think about that a minute. Where were the past Governors of Maryland or past County Executives on correcting this issue?
  • Then my favorite part…”We are getting the job done and we are getting it done in a pretty quick time table”. REALLY. Schools were closed but you are getting the job done – and in a quick time table? What were you doing all summer long when the children, teachers and administrators were not in the school and you could have prepared for this scenario? I feel like if you were getting the job done in a quick time table, this would not be happening:

Photo captured from Larry Collins Twitter account

Now we all know this is not an easy thing to correct overnight…I just can not stand this type of spin. Blame others, say we are doing a great job…when in reality none of that appears to be true. You had schools closed and you (according to the report) cut funding for equipment that potentially would have had the schools opened yesterday. How many more hot days will we have in the near future and will the schools be open? We will all be watching.
Video Credit to Fox 45 in Baltimore, Maryland

Here is a link to the article on the Fox 45 website:  http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/baltimore-county-school-board-to-revisit-heat-closure-policy
Scott E
Hopefully by giving credit and a link to Fox 45 Baltimore, they are OK with me sharing this information to my readers. If not, I will remove this post or video if directed.
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  1. What’s worse is that Most of these schools are in under served, older neighborhoods of BaltoCo (Dundalk, Essex, Parkville) and should have been torn down and rebuilt years ago. I’m not defending KK because his attitude and inaction is deplorable, but Jim Smith should have been on it years ago. I live in HoCO, but I hail from Essex/Middle River and I went to these schools back in the 70’s – early 80’s when some were considered “old schools”. I can’t imagine what they are like now? Shameful!