As a follow up to the story from yesterday: Dan Bongino Loses His Cool Against Politico Reporter, I saw that Dan Bongino did an interview with The Blaze explaining his side of the story. Here is the text from the article:

Dan Bongino Explains Why He Went on Profanity-Laced Rant Against Politico Reporter

Former Secret Service agent and Republican congressional candidate Dan Bongino explained why he went on a headline-making, profanity-laced rant against a Politico Florida reporter Sunday during an interview with TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch.
“The media sets up a narrative and then they all jump in and protect each other,” Bongino told Loesch Tuesday evening.
As TheBlaze previously reported, The Naples Daily News recently ran a story stating Bongino “is still greatly lacking in financial support” from residents within the Florida district he is running to represent. According to the Daily News article, Bongino lives in Palm City, about 100 miles outside Florida’s 19th Congressional District.
Most of Bongino’s donations have come from east Florida, closer to his place of residence, while only 6 percent of contributions to his campaign have come from the district he is seeking to represent, the Daily News reported.
In a Twitter exchange with Politico’s Marc Caputo, Bongino alleged the story was inaccurate. Caputo asked the candidate to discuss the accusation over a phone call he would record. During the conversation, the Politico journalist struggled to get a direct answer from Bongino on what inaccuracies exist in the Daily News story.
After several headlines amassed about the heated confrontation, Bongino sought to clear the air during a follow-up interview with Loesch. Bongino told TheBlaze TV host that a local Florida reporter posted a “false” tweet claiming his campaign “has only one donor in the district.”
“She tweeted it out because she couldn’t read an FEC report, and she didn’t understand the difference between itemized and unitemized donors,” he told Loesch. “Her narrative that she was trying to paint was that I was unknown in the district and I was gonna lose — it was false.”
He went on to say he was told by Alexandra Glorioso, the Daily News writer behind the story, that the only way they would retract the article is if he provided detailed donor information, a move he denied because “donors don’t want to be identified who are unitemized.”
“Are they asking Bernie Sanders or Marco Rubio or anyone else for sensitive donor information they’re in no way obligated to provide? The answer is no,” Bongino said. “So they tell a false story and then they demand the campaign, if you’re a conservative only, refute the false story by providing…”
After refusing to provide the additional information, the conservative candidate said Caputo stepped in to “be a tough guy.” Bongino said Caputo also tried to push him to reveal donor information during their tense phone exchange.
“You can see from the first moment of the phone call, if you listen to it, … you can hear he’s not interested in the answer. He’s interested in a response, he’s interested in being part of the story — not telling the story,” Bongino told Loesch. “He goads me and, you know, at the end, he got an explosion from me when he questioned why I was in Florida.”
“By the way,” he continued, “I’m in Florida, and I don’t talk about it, I mentioned it yesterday for one of the first times, because my wife has a chronic illness, lupus, which is activated by stress, badly. We had a really horrible episode … right before we moved to Florida. She wanted to be closer to her mother.”
Bongino said he doesn’t often discuss the issue because he’s “not looking for people’s sympathy,” but told Loesch he brought it up because Caputo hit him for just recently moving to Florida.
“Then he wonders why I had to drop a few f-bombs on him at the end,” Bongino said, adding that he wishes he could take the bad language back because he has young daughters. “But I tell you what, I don’t regret taking this guy to the woodshed one bit.”

Here is the video of the actual interview (Worry not, this one is safe for work and acceptable to listen to around children)

I felt is was only fair to publish both sides of this story. I am sure this is not what Dan wants to be talking about during early voting in Florida…hopefully this puts this incident behind him and he can get back on message with potential voters in District 19.
My one comment is on Dan’s statement of “…and then he wonders why I had to drop a few F bombs on him at the end. You know was it bad language, yeah, I have two daughters and I certainly wish I could take the F bomb back but I tell you what, I don’t regret taking this guy to the woodshed one bit.” – OK, it was more than “the” F bomb or a “few” F bombs…is was the MF bomb, a lot of F bombs, the – you are a piece of S*** statements, using terms like Bull S*** and a**hole as part of the conversation with this reporter. Maybe he is all of those things but wow was the language more significant than implied in Dan’s response yesterday. Please take him and other deserving reporters to the woodshed when they deserve it, but please do it in a more professional manor we expect from candidates running for office. Remember that many of us that still follow some of what you do also have daughters (and sons) that are learning about the political process, parties and candidates during these election cycles.
Anyway…this is my last “planned” post on this particular subject. I will keep an eye on the Primary voting at the end of the month.
Scott E