So here is another look at MD04. I know this is not a very exciting race in 2016, Brown is a lock to win this one. McDermott has made some improvements and he has been added back to the scorecard this month.
The candidates: To see the full list of candidates click here
(D) Anthony Brown:
(R) George McDermott:
(G) Kamesha Clark:

The Scorecard: (Click the “Yes” or follower numbers below to view the social media page)


Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

Anthony Brown

17,946 (+38)

3,874 (+32)

George McDermott

n/a (bad link)


Kamesha Clark

n/a (personal page)

434 (+53)


  • Brown – remains the only candidate with an actual campaign Facebook page. He added 38 new followers over the past month. Brown holds significant advantages with overall followers on Facebook and Twitter in this race.
  • McDermott – His website is SIGNIFICANTLY better than is was the last time I evaluated this race. That is not to say that it is perfect. His social media links at the bottom of the page are a bit of a mess. The Twitter link works…that is the only link that works. The Facebook icon points to a Facebook event that no longer exists. The YouTube link point to Wix. That is not great…but somehow still better than the old site.
  • Clark – Added the most new Twitter followers over the past month. That is outstanding for this candidate. She is by far the most active candidate online in this race.

A significant factor in evaluating online outreach is looking at follower engagement. In August, I am back to focusing my reviews on Facebook engagement. Here are the numbers for the candidates over the past week:
Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 7.43.37 AM

  • Brown is the only candidate with a campaign Facebook page to evaluate in MD04, so I decided to put him up against the MD03 candidates as the comparison.
  • Brown had only 1 post over the past week with an engagement (likes, shares and comments) score of 95. I really wish he and his team were more active online (but seriously they could go on vacation for the next 90 days and he will still be elected).

Online outreach leader for August: There is really no question that this belongs to Brown. I still wish he was more active but he holds such a significant advantage in followers that I can’t imagine him losing this online outreach leader in MD04 between now and November.That is not to say that the other candidates should not use every tool (including online outreach) they have to keep themselves known in this race.

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

Scott E