I wandered around the Howard County Fair yesterday. I always enjoy visiting the fair and seeing the sights. In this election year, I wanted to see what kind of presence the candidates had at the fair. Here are some of this sights I ran across:
The GOP trailer was obviously pushing Trump and Szeliga from a signage perspective. There is a Plaster sign inside but unless you walk up close it is hard to see.
The HoCoDems trailer has lots of signs on the outside with no one or two taking prominence. You have Clinton, Van Hollen, Sarbanes, Cummings, another Van Hollen and I think maybe another Clinton sign on the front outside. They have LOTS more on the inside. This team is great with campaign signs.
On the local level (specifically Board of Education race) here is what I came across:
I ran into Kirsten and her husband. Want to know why she will be elected to the Board of Education in the November? Well, not only does she have a lot of support from the local elected officials, but she shows up at events like this wearing her campaign attire. REALLY SMART MOVE!!!
In the pavilion, Vicky and Christina have a both. I was a bit bummed out that when I was there they did not have anyone sitting at the booth. I know Vicky was on vacation and I did stop by around lunch-ish time so maybe Christina was grabbing a bite to eat. There are so many good eating opportunities  at the fair I guess I can understand that…but was still a bit disappointed.
(UPDATE – I just learned that Christina was at church when I visited the booth. Hard to ding anyone for being at church on a Sunday. I am sure I will catch up with that team when I visit again.)
I did see Janet Siddiqui’s husband standing in front of the HoCoDems trailer wearing her campaign t-shirt as well ( sorry I didn’t get a photo of that for posting in this blog post).
Off topic for a minute…another one of my favorite things to do at the fair is support the West Friendship VFD by visiting their snowball stand:
IMG_2105 IMG_2107
I always make a point to visit and get my watermelon snowball from them…can not beat it on a hot day!!!
Back on point…then there was the parade. I watched most of it before leaving to see more of the fair. Many of our elected officials are dealing with Ellicott City (I am am really happy about that fact) so not many walked in the parade. One item of note I did pick up this year…some of the current Board of Education members walked in the parade. They may do this every year, but I have never noticed this before this year.
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.35.52 AM
Janet is running for office so I should not be totally surprised…but I still was a bit. Only because I have not noticed this group walking in the past…maybe it was their way to support Janet in the upcoming election? Not sure. But I can be cynical about these things at times. Whatever their motivation for walking…a potentially smart political move to be out there at this event.
That is my recap from yesterday…I will be back out there this upcoming weekend. May even catch the next parade on Saturday to see who shows up. I am hoping that there is a much higher presence than I saw there yesterday.
Everyone have a great Monday and make sure to visit the HoCoFair this week.
Scott E


  1. Hi Scott, Just FYI, In the 6 years I have been on the BOE, this is the first one of these parades I have missed. In fact, I do not recall a time when the full Board was not there. You may be able to catch the candidates during the parade on the last day of the fair. I am sorry to have missed it. Cindy V

    • Thanks Cindy. That is why I put “They may do this every year, but I have never noticed this before this year.” I (like many others) are paying much closer attention to BOE activities this year. Sorry you couldn’t make it.