The 71st annual Howard County Fair starts tomorrow (August 6th – 13th). The fair has many great attractions and I look forward to visiting each year. One of my favorite things…the parades. There are two of them…on Sunday the 7th (at 2:00pm) you get the opening parade….and then on Saturday the 13th (at 5:00pm) you get the parade of floats.
Here is my question…which candidates for office will be walking in those parades? This is always a good opportunity for candidates to promote themselves and get lots of eyes on their campaign signs.
I know Allan Kittleman will have a presence (because I have seen them promote it on social media)…they will be walking on the 13th. Heck, it is not even an election year for him but he seems to always have a presence at the fair. I personally like that…hopefully I will have a chance to catch up and say hi.
With the important local BOE election…I wonder which candidates will show up? I hope many…but not sure at this point. If you do plan on having a presence…let me know. I will be happy to let my followers know.
Another interesting question…which congressional or US Senate candidates will show up? We have some interesting races and this is always a way to gage those candidates interest in Howard County votes.
An interesting tid-bit for all candidates…Larry Hogan showed up two years ago. I was even lucky enough to chat with him (even if it was only briefly). He probably did not win because he showed up…but it was still nice to see him here in Howard County for our fair.
Want to know more about the events at the fair? Check out their website:
I will be there off and on this week…hope to see many of my friends at the Democrat and Republican trailers. On that note – I have seen much from the HoCoDems about their presence at the fair. Not as much from the HoCoGOP. I will be sure to get photos from both trailers and let you know who I see when I attend this week.
Have a great Friday.
Scott E