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Donate to Assist Flood Victims

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The Ellicott City Partnership (ECP) is devastated by the flood that impacted Ellicott City on Saturday evening.  Our hearts go out to the merchants and residents who have losses from this flood.
ECP would like to recognize the heroism of the Howard County Fire Department and Police Department who conducted water rescues and pulled dozens of people to safety.
ECP will be mobilizing on Sunday morning ( assuming we can get access) and will assist in organizing volunteers to assist merchants with cleaning up their stores and getting back in business.
Donation are being accepted by ECP and will be used to assist merchants with getting back in business.  Click here to make a donation.

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The images and videos from last night and this morning are all over social media. I am really sad to see such a wonderful part of Howard County go through this disaster and I know the county will begin the clean up and rebuilding of that area as quickly as possible.
Scott E