Technology Outreach Scorecards get mentioned in the Frederick News-Post


Danielle Gaines
Danielle Gaines – photo via Frederick News-Post website

I did a recent phone interview with Danielle Gaines (reporter with The Frederick News-Post) about the Technology Outreach Scorecards and she wrote about them in a recent article (Political notes: Up close at the RNC). Here is an excerpt from that article:

Are you trending? I’m trending.

If you’re a Maryland political candidate on social media, a Howard County blogger’s got your number.

Scott Ewart of Columbia posts monthly “Technology Outreach Scorecards” in a number of political races, including for president, Senate and Congress.

It’s a fascinating look at just how social media-savvy candidates are — or aren’t.

Ewart, who owns a business to help small businesses and other organizations with social media outreach, said he started tracking the numbers in 2014. The hits rolled in and Ewart continually got requests from readers to analyze new races. So he did.

“I just try to be very honest and utilize my expertise to put that information out to voters and even to the candidates themselves,” Ewart said.

So how did I come to know the blog?

Well, state delegate and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Szeliga‘s campaign highlighted its scorecard in a recent campaign email, using the figures to assert that the campaign is growing faster than Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen‘s in his run for Senate.

“Our campaign is growing faster than Van Hollen’s — which means we can and will win!” Szeliga wrote in a message to supporters.

According to the scorecard, Szeliga added nearly three times as many new Facebook followers as Van Hollen in June. She added 1,643 “friends” in the month, compared to Van Hollen’s 504 newbies. He still leads in followers on Facebook with a total of 16,888 to Szeliga’s 10,515 (at the time of the scorecard). Szeliga led in Twitter followers: 2,365 to 2,115.

Ewart said the followers, likes, and subscribers may not mean a lot when it comes down to election outcomes, but the outreach could have an impact in close races.

He said social engagement also may matter more in primaries, when candidates are vying for the same pool of followers. In tracking the 8th District congressional primary, for example, state Sen. Jamie Raskin (D) was the “Technology Online Outreach leader” among Democrats before winning the race over opponents who spent substantially more.

Raskin continues to hold a significant lead in social media over Emmitsburg’s Dan Cox, the Republican candidate for the district.

However, Ewart said Cox has continued to add a “respectable” number of followers and does well in engaging those he’s connected with.

In the 6th, Ewart posted only two early updates in the primary before suspending the scorecard. He’s now consulting for Amie Hoeber, a Republican challenging Rep. John Delaney (D).

While I’m fascinated with the scorecard, here’s what I want to know: Which candidates have the most PokéBalls?

Want to read the full article? CLICK HERE

I think it is great that the Howard County Times / Baltimore Sun and the Frederick News-Post have written about the scorecards. Now just waiting on the local TV stations out of Baltimore to bring me in to discuss them on TV…LOL.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Scott E

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