Recent HoCoBOE Facebook Outreach – July Update


It has been a month since I have looked at the Facebook outreach of the Howard County Board of Education candidates…let us all see how they have done since the last evaluation:

Interested in all of the online outreach links for the candidates? CLICK HERE

HoCoBOE July Facebook Stats


  • Most overall followers – Christina Delmont-Small and Vicky Cutroneo continues to hold an online advantage with the most Facebook followers.
  • Most Active – Mavis Ellis leads the way with the most posts over the past week with nine updates.
  • Most Engagement (likes, shares and comments) – Mavis Ellis had the most follower engagement over the past week with 46 likes, comments or shares.
  • Most new followers over the past month – Mavis Ellis has added 35 new Facebook followers since the past review last month. Kirsten came in second adding 13 new followers.
  • Items of note:
    • Siddiqui had no new updates over the past week. To be more accurate, there have been no updates since January 18th. Over the past month the page has added zero new followers (that is what happens when you don’t post any updates).
    • Robert Miller has had no updates in the past week. His last update was posted on July 8th.

This is the “Slow Season” for campaigning in Maryland but I think it is interesting to watch over the candidates to see which ones are out there engaging with voters…and which ones have shut down and are in cruise mode (from an online outreach perspective).

Mavis Ellis
Photo via Facebook

The big winner on this evaluation is Mavis Ellis. I am glad to see that she has significantly picked up the pace since the last time I did an evaluation.

OK candidates…we are watching and hoping for good reasons why we should vote for you in November. Be sure to use the campaign tools you have setup to communicate with us between now and election day.

Good luck to all…

Scott E

UPDATE (11:15am) – Miller just posted an update on his Facebook page…nice to see that happen this morning.


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