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Calling all local techies…a great event is happening this afternoon/evening. Here is what is listed on the Facebook event page:

Ross Technologies, Inc (RTGX) is sponsoring a gathering for all the movers and shakers in Technology to come together!
#TechInfluencers SAVE THE DATE
July 15 | 5 PM | Nottingham’s | Columbia, MD.
If you’re an IT innovator, mover and shaker, influencer, cyber warrior – this event sponsored by RTGX is for YOU.
Preregistration gives you access to all the goods,

I have heard from my “source” that this event is expected to be HIGHLY attended. Make sure to preregister for access to the “goods”:
Yep…OPEN BAR, food and a live band…plus the ability to talk tech with lots of other local tech folks at one of my favorite locations in Columbia: NOTTINGHAM’S
Here is more information about the band playing:
Here is the link to register for the event:
ScottE Software Development will be in attendance for this event…I hope to see many of you out there tonight.
Scott E
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