Corrogan Vaughn Launches A Mobile App

Vaughn 2016

Corrogan Vaughn (Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s 7th District) recently launched a mobile app (iPhone) for his campaign. You can view the app in iTunes here:

Vaughn 2016 scrren shot

Now, I went ahead and downloaded the app and here are some of my thoughts:

  1. A campaign app for US Congress (Neutral) – I have written a few campaign apps in my time (Dan Bongino (Senate), Mia Love (Congress) and Larry Smith (Congress) to name a few) and I have learned that you don’t get a lot of downloads for races that are not state wide or nation wide. On the other hand, I fully support all forms of online outreach to voters.
  2. Builder of the app – Smart Engagement Inc. (BAD) – This is a company out of Florida. One would think that a candidate running for office in Maryland would find a LOCAL company to build his campaign app.
  3. Need to register in the app in order to view the content (BAD) – I was pretty disappointed that the app FORCES you to register in order to get into the app. I am sure the team is using this method to get additional email address to spam their email blasts but this will also seriously limit the number of people that will ever see the content. I have reached out to Corrogan Vaughn about this feature…I will let you know if I hear back from him.
  4. Content in the app (Neutral) – There is some good information in the app as well as things that appear to be missing. The button “From Vaughn” has no content. Why was that launched with this version? Also, there is not a lot of interactive functions in the app. A” Contact Us” feature, a listing of upcoming events with maps/directions or an upload photos function would be a great add ons in the future. Maybe Smart Engagement can add these features soon.

My app rating (scale up to 5 stars). Given the items I mention above, I can not rate this app very positively. The registration thing alone is a BIG miss in this app and I hope he gets this corrected ASAP.

MY RATING: 1.5 Stars

I will be checking back in on this app in the future and if it gets better, I will do a follow up review of the app. Also, if Corrogan Vaughn reaches out to provide some additional insight on the app, I may publish that information as well.

Happy Father’s Day.

Scott E




  1. […] Vaughn – I did not find a Facebook page (he is using his personal Facebook account for posts). Vaughn has multiple Twitter accounts. I listed the one that has the most followers. The multiple accounts is a bit confusing and not the norm for serious candidates. Also, no social media links are listed on the website (the “Follow” links at the bottom of his website do not point to the correct accounts. Vaughn also recently launched a mobile app for his campaign (Read the review here). […]


  2. Because he is an idiot and you will also find most of the information he does post is either old (2010-2014) and since he is illiterate even the spelling is elementary….but more glaring is the porn found on his Facebook page and don’t overlook his “ dating escapades” (Mr. 007) and he pretends to be a serious candidate….go figure.


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