This is not a normal post for me…but I felt someone had to write a rebuttal that was an actual CENTER side of this craziness going on recently.
So I read the most recent post from Jason ( and was a bit shocked by how far he went with the post. Now bloggers have the right to write whatever they want in any direction they want…but was still somewhat surprised that he went as far as he did with his post.
I mean, he didn’t mention Clinton or her beliefs or positions…he didn’t mention her husband and his indiscretions while in the White House…or why a candidate would support her with her track record on some issues…he went down a road that if you support Trump for President then “is this what you believe”?
I am still wondering what that has to do with running for this specific LOCAL position?
Goodness knows every time Trump gets on TV, I shake my head in disbelief about some of the things he says…but what does that have to do with this LOCAL BOE race?
Now I am of the belief that you can be a Republican and not support Trump…much like you can be a Democrat and not support Clinton (Sanders has proven that in many states). The bottom line is that the Board of Education is “supposed” to be non-partisan and about the school system and our kids. The ones making this election to be about something that it is not are just silly and kind of sad. I was somewhat enjoying the unity of this election but it has somehow has gone off the rails into this partisan crap that will be bad for all of us in the end.
Anyone watching some of the local Facebook groups…things are even worse there…I mean some of the most recent threads are down right crazy. I basically gave up following the treads because I just could not take it anymore…I am sure I will pay more attention later in the election cycle…but this is supposed to be the down time in an election cycle in Maryland…
The recent event in Savage has seemed to put a dark cloud over this BOE election and I am a bit sad about that fact. I did not attend that event but if I had I would have asked my friends (of which I would have had at both the GOP and Dems tents) – “why are the BOE candidates signs here”? I did see a few photos from the Dems tent and saw signs for Siddiqui, Coombs and Ellis. I am guessing (because I have not seen photo evidence) that the Cutroneo/Delmont-Small signs were at the GOP tent…and did Miller have signs at the event (not sure because I did not see any photos of his signs).
In the end, this election is about making the school system better for our children and having better communication with the public. What I see happening NOW is not that…it is about the same old partisan bickering which will get the same kind of people elected that do not communicate with us…and then WE will wonder how that happened…well folks…we are doing it to ourselves by looking at “what party is supporting them” instead of asking the important questions about what will you do to better the school system for my child.
I was really hoping that we could stay focused on the important issues and not get into the weeds of this silliness…but that might be over now. We all know which “Party” supports which candidate – for those that did not know this before hand – you were obviously not paying attention. This has been a fact from jump…so why NOW are you jumping on this issue? Where were you during the Primary?
My sincere hope is that this all levels out and we again focus on which candidate will work to improve the schools for our kids and communicate with the parents and residents of this county for a better the school system. If we focus on that goal….we will all win…
OK….that is my rant for the day…on to do some work…my hope is that all of this partisan crap ends but I know it probably wont…and then we get to go through this again in a couple of years wondering why things never change…
Tonight is the HoCoDems party in Clarksville…I will be counting the number of BOE candidates that attend that event (just for fun) and hopefully have a quick chat with them all tonight. I can’t wait to see what they are all talking about…
Scott E