I love watching new shows and I recently came across season 1 of “The Tunnel”. Here is a little bit about it:

The Tunnel (French: Tunnel) is a British-French crime drama television series, adapted from the 2011 Danish/Swedish crime series The Bridge (Broen/Bron). The Tunnel began broadcast on 16 October 2013 on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and on 11 November 2013 on Canal+ in France. The series stars Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy as British and French police detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann, respectively. The plot follows the two detectives working together to find a serial killer who left the upper-half body of a French politician and the lower-half of a British prostitute in the Channel Tunnel, at the midpoint between France and the UK. They later learn that the killer—who comes to be nicknamed the “Truth Terrorist”—is on a moral crusade to highlight many social problems, terrorising both countries in the process. As the series progresses, the killer’s true intention is revealed.

IMDB Listing for the show: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2711738/
I really got into this show. I found it wonderful (event though reading the subtitles for the French speaking actors could be a bit annoying – but I got used to it by the second episode). The characters in the show are interesting and I enjoyed the storyline.
I give the show a ScottE Rating of 8.