May 2016 Election Results – Democratic Candidates for President


May has been a good month for Bernie Sanders and his campaign for President. In the four states that have voted in May, Bernie Sanders has pulled out 3 wins and one VERY close result in Kentucky where it appears he will lose by less than 2,000 votes. Here are the results for May:

May 03: Indiana

Sanders: 52.5% (44 Delegates)

Clinton: 47.5%  (39 Delegates)

May 10: West Virginia

Sanders: 51.4% (18 Delegates)

Clinton: 35.8% (11 Delegates)

May 17: Kentucky

Clinton: 46.8% (27 Delegates)

Sanders 46.3% (27 Delegates)

May 17: Oregon

Sanders: 56% (34 Delegates)

Clinton: 44% (25 Delegates)

So for those keeping score…the month of May Delegate adds finished out at:

Sanders: 123 Delegates

Clinton: 102 Delegates

Now…Sanders did well but he is still way down overall. Here is the count as of today:

Clinton: 1,768 “Pledged Delegates” + 525 “Superdelegates”

Sanders: 1,494 “Pledged Delegates” + 39 “Superdelegates”

Here are the upcoming states in June:

June 07:
California · 475 delegates
North Dakota · 18 delegates
Montana · 21 delegates
New Jersey · 126 delegates
New Mexico · 34 delegates
South Dakota · 20 delegates
June 14:
Washington, D.C. · 20 delegates
I do not see a path for victory for Senator Sanders but he has had some impressive win streaks in the Primary. He has built a serious movement and had it begun a little earlier this may have even been more interesting than it has become already.
The Sanders supporters have not given up yet…see what happened recently in Nevada: Bernie Sanders, Democratic establishment battle boils over.
We have couple of weeks of downtime until the 7th…but tensions are running high and we should all be watching what happens closely.
Have a great day!!!
Scott E

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