Howard County Board of Education 2016 Primary Results

We have the results (well, sort of). We pretty well are confident in who the top 5 candidates are with a cliff hanger for the number 6 spot in the General Election. Here are the results as of the morning of the 27th:

HoCoBOE Primary Results


  • ***UPDATE*** It appears as if Robert Miller will be the 6th candidate for Board of Education in 2016. Updated numbers as of 1:04pm (Miller 13,916, Andrews 13,087) CLICK HERE
    • Original info – The battle for 6th between Miller and Andrews will go on for a while (seriously on 5 votes separate the two candidates). Someone get started counting those absentee ballots.
  • The “anti-incumbent” movement worked as two of the three incumbent will not move on to the General Election cycle.
  • Endorsements matter – All top three candidates received the most (and biggest) endorsements.
  • Voting numbers are way up in 2016…here is a breakdown of total Primary votes by year:
    • 2016 – 179,469 votes
    • 2014 – 117,340 votes
    • 2012 – 82,751 votes

When I get more time, I may do some additional analysis on the data.

I will be updating the Technology Outreach Reference Card as soon as we know the outcome of Miller and Andrews.

Scott E

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