This was a pretty interesting race but ended up the way I expected…and the final Technology Outreach Leader gets the win…now she will need to expand her outreach efforts for the General Election.
Here are the results as of 10:50am on the 27th:
2016 MDSEN GOP Primary Results

  • Szeliga won with 36% of the vote. Not a big shock as the “State GOP Establishment” was totally on her side.
  • (To my surprise) Chaffee ended up in 2nd over 13%…how in the world did that happen? I missed something in this race. I need to do a better job in the future with my evaluations.
  • Nice to see Kefalas end up in at least 3rd…He ran a good campaign and had an impressive online outreach effort throughout the process.
  • 14 total candidates…SERIOUSLY…ugg…a lot of time and effort for candidates that had virtually no chance.

Scott E