2016 MD04 Primary Winners
Congressional District 4 was one of the races I had been following for a long time. I knew this would be an interesting race…and it did not disappoint.
Here are the results as of 8:30am on the 27th:
2016 MD04 Primary Results

  • Republican – Seriously…McDermott. Not that I was thrilled with any of the candidates but I serious did not see McDermott winning with over 46% of the vote. Just wow. Wonder if that will motivate him to actually build a campaign website or some sort of online outreach to potential voters.
  • Democrat – This was the fun side of this race. Brown wins with over 41% of the vote. Brown and Ivey were very close after early voting but Brown did a better job with his GOTV efforts on election day. Pena-Melnyk was my favorite candidate (in MD04) in regards to online outreach and she placed a respectable 3rd. I expect to hear much more from her in the future.

Scott E