2016 Primary Results – Democratic Candidates – Maryland US Senate Race

Van Hollen

Ten candidates in this race but we all knew it was really down to two (Van Hollen and Edwards). I think the big shock was how nasty this race became at the end…glad the commercials will no longer be on every channel I appear to watch.

Here are the results as of 10:35am on the 27th:

2016 MDSEN Primary Results


  • Van Hollen wins with over 53% of the vote. Impressive number given the the fact that their were ten candidates.
  • I had a feeling after watching the early voting numbers and the low turnout in PG County that this may be the result. I did not expect this big a win for Van Hollen.
  • No other candidate (other than Van Hollen and Edwards) broke 2%…still not sure why all of these candidates got in this race.

Scott E


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