Current Website Click Leaders
Current Website Click Leaders

It is a little after 2:00pm and I thought I would report out which candidate websites are getting the most clicks on the blog today:

  1. Vicky Cutroneo and Christina Delmont-Small
  2. Kirsten Coombs
  3. Mavis Ellis
  4. Robert Miller
  5. Ellen Giles
  6. Corey Andrews
  7. Pravin Ponnuri
  8. Janet Siddiqui
  9. Ann De Lacy

This may not mean much or it may show who voters are most interested in learning more information about…either way it gives me some data to report. I will say that this is the most active my site has been in months…so at least some people are finding information here. We will see if this correlates to the voting numbers tonight.
Candidates…keep pushing hard on your GOTV efforts. The rain storms are coming soon.
Scott E