President Candidates March 2016
This is the final scorecard evaluation before the Primary (tomorrow). No changes in the candidates since the past evaluation in March (VIEW HERE). Now on to the April evaluation…
The candidates: To see the full list of candidates via NY Times: click here
Hillary Clinton:
Bernie Sanders:
Donald Trump:
Ted Cruz:
John Kasich:

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Democrat Candidates

Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

Hillary Clinton

3.268 Million (+253 K)

6.03 Million (+240 K)

Bernie Sanders

4.023 Million (+463 K)

2.04 Million (+250 K)

Republican Candidates
Donald Trump

7.132 Million (+424 K)

7.75 Million (+510 K)

Ted Cruz

2.128 Million (+38 K)

1.07 Million (+81 K)

John Kasich

290,834 (+14K)

308,000 (+49K)


  • Facebook
    • Democrats: Sanders was the big winner over the past month adding more than 450,000 new Facebook followers (that is 3 months in a row he has added the most followers on this side of the ticket). Sanders lead ALL candidates in adding new Facebook followers (that is new).
    • Republicans: Trump (as always) adds the most new followers. None of the other candidates are even close.
  • Twitter
    • Democrats: Sanders just edged out Clinton in adding the most new Twitter followers. Clinton continues to hold a significant follower advantage on this platform.
    • Republicans: Trump (as always) added the most new followers on the GOP side of the race and much better than all candidates running. Trump just owns Twitter in the Presidential race.
  • Most of the candidates are using many other online resources for outreach. Be sure to check their campaign pages to see the full list.

A significant factor in evaluating online outreach is looking at follower engagement. In April, I am back to focusing my reviews on Facebook engagement. Here are the numbers for the candidates over the past week:
April Facebook Engagement

  • Just for fun, I grouped all of the candidates together in this review.
  • Trump had a big advantage over the past week in Facebook engagement (likes, shares and comments).
  • Sanders was the most active over the past week (in number of posts) and held a slight advantage over Clinton in Facebook engagement.

Online Outreach Leaders in this race: 
Democrat: Sanders. He won all evaluated categories in this evaluation for the Democrats.
Republican: Trump (again) is dominating the online outreach for the GOP side of the race. His numbers are impressive and just keep growing at impressive rate every month. No one else is even close with overall online outreach to potential voters.
Overall technology outreach ranking by candidates:

  1. Sanders
  2. Clinton


  1. Trump
  2. Cruz
  3. Kasich

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

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Scott E