HoCoBOE Candidates Working This Morning


So after voting this morning, Shelby and I decided to visit the various Early Voting Centers around Howard County to see which Board of Education candidates were out there working for your votes. Here are the results:


Nada, Nothing, Noodle (Veggie Tales fans will get that reference). These was no one at this location at all. It is still my favorite voting location…we were in and out within a few minutes. It was wonderful…still shocked no candidate or any organization was at the location.


We found four candidates…Kirsten Coombs, Pravin Ponnuri, Robert Miller and Vicky Cutroneo.

We did see one volunteer (I am guessing) wearing a Siddiqui t-shirt.


We found two candidates…Christina Delmont-Small and  Marcelino Bedolla.

The was one person wearing a Giles t-shirt, a couple of Ponnuri volunteers holding signs and a couple of Siddiqui volunteers holding signs…that is what I remember…there might have been more here…it was more spread out than the other locations.

So ok…we have eleven candidates running for office and we only found six candidates at the three voting locations in Howard County. I am disappointed that the other candidates were not out there this morning. Good job to the six candidates we found. It was great catching up with all of you.

Scott E

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