OK…so not a full scorecard for this evaluation but I did want to get out the website links for the candidates before early voting starts in six days. I have not focused on this race because Cummings is basically a shoe in to get re-elected. I will be interested in seeing how the GOP side of the ticket shakes out. I will start full scorecards during the General Election cycle.
The candidates: To see the full list of candidates click here
Elijah Cummings: www.cummingsforcongress.com
Adrian Petrus: ???
Ray Bly: http://www.raybly.com
William Newton: http://www.newton4congress.com/
Corrogan Vaughn: http://vaughn4congress.com

  • No website found for Adrian Petrus. He does have some social media accounts out there but no website…really?
  • Vaughn has the best website on the GOP side of this race. Time will tell if he has done enough to continue on into the General Election. I have seen more posts from Newton online than any other candidate…that could potentially help him on April 26th.

Good luck to all of the candidates.
Scott E