Peyton Manning Retires Today

Peyton Manning Retires

The NFL will never be the same for me after today. Peyton Manning finally hangs it up. For those that know me well, know that I was a big time Manning fan. I watched him in that first game as a Freshman at University of Tennessee vs UCLA all the way through his last game as a Denver Bronco and winning that final Super Bowl (thank goodness he finally got a great defense).

One of my favorite things was watching Manning games (both as a Colt and a Bronco) with my daughter. She was a big time Manning fan as well (I raised that kid well). At the end of Manning’s career, we would wear our “throwback” Manning jerseys when he was on TV. She in the Colts jersey and me in the UT Vols jersey.

Shelby and Scott in Manning Jerseys

Now I will still watch the NFL every Sunday because I just love the game…but I expect it will feel like something is missing next season. Peyton will be missed but I am also looking forward to seeing what he does next (future  QB Coach for the Tennessee Volunteers – That is what I am hoping for).



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