Happy Super Tuesday. If you love national politics…today is the day for you. Here are the states voting today (photos from Morning Joe Twitter feed):
GOP Super Tuesday
DEM Super Tuesday
Here are my predictions for the various races:

Virginia: Trump (Correct)

Texas: Cruz (Correct)

Georgia: Trump (Correct)

Massachusetts: Trump (Correct)

Oklahoma: Trump (Missed – Cruz)

Alabama: Trump (Correct)

Tennessee: Trump (Correct)

Arkansas: not sure – will be very close – I am guessing Trump (Correct)

Vermont: Trump (Correct)

Minnesota: not sure – will be very close – I am guessing Cruz (Missed – Rubio)

Alaska – Trump (Missed – Cruz)


Virginia: Clinton (Correct)

Massachusetts: Sanders (in an upset) (missed – Clinton Won)

Texas: Clinton (Correct)

Georgia: Clinton (Correct)

Vermont: Sanders (Correct)

Tennessee: Clinton (Correct)

Arkansas: Clinton (Correct)

Oklahoma: not sure – will be very close – I am guessing Sanders (Correct)

Minnesota: Clinton (Missed – Sanders)

Colorado: Clinton (Missed – Sanders)

Alabama: Clinton (Correct)

Looking forward to seeing how close I get on my predictions. If I am correct in my choices, both races will probably be over after today. I think we will see more candidates drop out soon based on the results.
Enjoy the day,
Scott E
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