Candidates – U.S. President – February Technology Outreach Scorecard

Big online outreach winners this month

Today is a BIG day…Republican Primary in South Carolina and Democratic Caucus in Nevada. The results of today could really shake some things up in the race. I have decided to add ALL of the candidates to this months scorecard – because this might be the last time I write about some of these candidates. (Interested in the January numbers, CLICK HERE).

The candidates: To see the full list of candidates via NY Times: click here

President Candidates Feb 2016


Hillary Clinton:

Bernie Sanders:


Donald Trump:

Ben Carson:

Marco Rubio:

Ted Cruz:

John Kasich:

Jeb Bush:

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)

Democrat Candidates

Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

Hillary Clinton

2.504 Million (+230 K)

5.44 Million (+250 K)

Bernie Sanders

2.868 Million (+442 K)

1.46 Million (+260 K)

Republican Candidates
Donald Trump

5.793 Million (+388 K)

6.26 Million (+480 K)

Ben Carson

5.082 Million (+30 K)

1.14 Million (+40 K)

Marco Rubio

1.295 Million (+96 K)

1.19 Million (+120 K)

Ted Cruz

1.916 Million (+108 K)

831,000 (+96 K)

John Kasich



Jeb Bush




  • I do not have tracking data for Bush or Kasich – neither were listed on the January scorecard (and probably wont be around for the next scorecard).
  • Facebook
    • Democrats – Sanders added the most new followers over the past month. Sanders also added more followers than Trump (a first in my evaluations).
    • Republican – As always, Trump continues to rule this platform on the GOP side of the race.
  • Twitter
    • Democrats – Sanders added the most new followers. This is the first time Sanders has added more new followers over Clinton.
    • Republican – As always, seriously no one is even close to the gains made by Trump over the past month…as it is every month.
  • Most of the candidates are using many other online resources for outreach. Be sure to check their campaign pages to see the full list.

As I am revamping all of the Technology Outreach Scorecards, I am not writing about engagement numbers in February. Worry not, engagement evaluations will return in March (Twitter) and April (Facebook).

A few predictions for the future:

  • We will see the GOP field narrow even more before the next scorecard in March. He is what I think may happen:
    • Kasich out of the race – many of his supporters will go to Rubio
    • Bush out of the race – many of his supporters will go to Rubio
    • Carson out of the race – many of his supporters will go to Trump
  • This means my prediction is that we will have three GOP candidates on the next scorecard. Of course this is a total guess…but given the numbers in the upcoming polls, it is a very real possibility.
  • If I had to rank the candidates after the three fall out of the race (if I am right):
    • 1st – Trump
    • 2nd – Rubio
    • 3rd – Cruz

Predictions for today in South Carolina and Nevada:

  • Trump wins in South Carolina (Cruz second and Rubio third)
  • Sanders wins in Nevada

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

Scott E


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