Candidates – Maryland’s 8th Congressional District – February Technology Outreach Scorecard


There are some changes on this months evaluation of MD08. I believe that David Trone entering this race will really shake it up. Liz Matory is now a Republican and should make that side of this race interesting going forward. I have made a slight change to the page and now list all candidates and websites (at least those I can find). You can read the January Scorecard HERE.

The candidates: To see the full list of candidates click here


Kumar Barve:

Ana Sol-Gutierrez:

Will Jawando:

Kathleen Matthews:

Jamie Raskin:

David Trone:

Joel Rubin:

Dave Anderson:

Dan Bolling:


Liz Matory:

Aryeh Shudofsky:

Dan Cox:

Jeffrey Jones:

Shelly Skolnick:

The Scorecard: (Click the follower numbers below to view the social media page)


Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers


Kumar Barve

4,765 (+20)

2,945 (+70)

Ana Sol-Gutierrez

653 (+22)

2,039 (+66)

William Jawando

2,067 (+161)

1,338 (+49)

Kathleen Matthews

2,156 (+147)

550 (+85)

Jamie Raskin

2,672 (+189)

2,980 (+109)

David Trone



Joel Rubin

498 (+54)

970 (+27)


Liz Matory

646 (+36)

176 (+18)

Aryeh Shudofsky




  • Facebook – Raskin lead the pack with adding new followers and he was closely followed by Matthews and Jawando.
  • Twitter – Raskin added the most new followers…again followed closely by Matthews. (See a trend here folks?)
  • I removed David Anderson from the scorecard based on his cash on hand numbers reported by Maryland Scramble (VIEW HERE).
  • There are a couple of candidates where I was unable to find websites (listed above with ???).
  • No tracking data for Trone or Shudofsky as this is the first time I have listed them on the scorecard.
  • Trone – I liked seeing his YouTube channel with lots of videos. Was a bit disappointed at an Instagram link to an account with no photos…so some good and some bad there for his team.
  • If I missed anything…just let me know and I will be sure to get it corrected.

As I am revamping all of the Maryland Technology Outreach Scorecards, I am not writing about engagement numbers in February. Worry not, engagement evaluations will return in March (Twitter) and April (Facebook).

Of course the reality of followers, likes, and subscribers does not mean a lot when it comes down to voting in the end, but it can show trends in a campaign cycle and makes a great resource for following all of the candidates.

Scott E


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