Election 2016
I am having a great time running the new Scott E’s Blog Talk Radio show. Five episodes completed with more episodes scheduled for the future.
My favorite new topic is interviewing candidates running for Howard County Board of Education in 2016. Two interviews have been completed:

Kirsten Coombs

Pravin Ponnuri

I have three more interviews scheduled for next week:

Robert Miller

Corey Andrews

Vicky Cutroneo

I hope that by conducting these interviews, the voters learn a little something about the candidates. It is really an intro to who they are and what their campaigns are about in 2016.
I have reached out to the other six candidates – some have responded…others have not yet. I hope to hear back from them all and provide an equal opportunity to hear from everyone. If you have any pull with candidates, let them know about this opportunity.
Have a great day.
Scott E

Scott E's Blog Talk Radio Show can be found on iTunes
Scott E’s Blog Talk Radio Show can be found on iTunes