For those keeping an eye on the Howard County Board of Education race this year, we have our 8th candidate: Christina Delmont-Small. I have not seen any online outreach yet and reached out via the email address on the SBOE website to obtain more information. I will be sure to update the Reference Card when I know more.

Click to view the online outreach reference card.
Click to view the online outreach reference card.

In other news…

  1. Links for Ann DeLacy have been updated on the Reference Card (added website and Facebook page).
  2. Two big HoCoBOE interviews are scheduled for this week:

1/3/16 Kirsten Coombs

1/5/16 Pravin Ponnuri

I have attempted to reach out to the other candidates…hoping for responses soon(ish) to see if they have any interest in conducting an interview on the new show.
The filing deadline is tomorrow…I can’t wait to see if we get more candidates.
Have a wonderful day,
Scott E