Scott Es Blog Talk Radio
I am always up for trying new things…so my next experiment is running a Blog Talk Radio channel (Scott E’s Blog Talk Radio Show – I know, I need a catchier name at some point). My hope is to expand on some of my blog posts and bring on the occasional guest to talk about a variety of issues (primarily focused around politics, social media or other technologies, and local interesting Howard County information or events).
I figure I will give it a shot for a while and see if there is any interest from my followers in this format. The show will air in the mornings (right now I am planning on doing the shows at 7:00am) during the week.
I have to admit I got the idea by listening to “A Miner Detail“.
If you have any ideas for future topics or guests, let me know.
You can visit the website for the show at:
Have a great day,
Scott E
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