Rebuttal – A Perfect Storm?


So Julia McCready (Village Green/Town²) is one of my favorite local bloggers to read in Howard County. I may not always agree with the subject matter but it is always a good read. When I read this statement, I could not just let it go:

The Kittleman administration came in clunky and flatfooted when it came to social media. (Of course, the Ulman administration was a tough act to follow in that regard.) I’ve got to hand it to the Kittleman folks, though. They have improved by leaps and bounds. They were certainly working overtime this last weekend.

“Came in clunky and flatfooted” is my issue. As someone that watches the social media accounts of various elected officials and candidates for office during election cycles, I can say that the Kittleman team is ANYTHING but clunky and flatfooted. The have one of the top social media teams in this state and I noted that fact during the 2014 Technology Outreach Scorecard evaluations. This team has kept their accounts informative and engaging since being elected and I follow and watch them regularly to keep up with what is going on in Howard County..

Ken Ulman set the standard and the Kittleman team has lived up (if not exceeded in some ways) to that standard.

This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue for me. I would say the same thing about Calvin Ball, Courtney Watson (during the campaign) , Jon Weinstein, and many others that use social media effectively to keep their followers informed.

Support the rain tax or oppose it. Like the Kittleman policies or oppose them. That is not my point…it is about being informed and the Kittleman team is good at keeping us in the know on issues they promote.

Hope you all have a great day and keep an eye on all of our elected officials on social media. There is a lot of good information we need to know out there on those platforms.

Scott E

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly: the Kittleman admin team has done extremely well with its social media use. One of the key distinguishers — and one I laud greatly — is the choice to use @HoCoGovExec as the twitter handle. This choice means that the account and all its followers transitions to the next hoco county exec, which was not true of his predecessor.

    Beyond @hocoblogs, which is unaligned with any biz/party/org and therefore the broadest-scope account in hoco, I think Mr Kittleman’s official twitter account for the office he holds is one of the best around to follow.

    Want to see how other local elected officials are managing their social media, check out The twitter feeds need some fixin’ (hopefully that will happen soon), but overall, it’s a great lens for watching all of hoco’s elected officials and their commitment (or lack thereof) to keep residents informed and updated.


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