As a follow up to “My HoCoBOE Debate Idea” blog post, the Howard County League of Women Voters has informed me that they have two planned HoCoBOE debates planned:

“A debate for the primary election will be held on Saturday, March 19 in

the Banneker Room.  The debate for the general election will be held on

Saturday, October 1 also in the Banneker Room.

The time has not been finalized, but it will be during the day.

League of Women Voters of Howard County”

I promised that if I heard back I would let my readers know.

So now to my pressing question, do we think an additional debate for the General Election in late August or early September hosted by local HoCo Bloggers is still a good idea? I received a lot of positive feedback on my idea but that was before we knew much about what the HoCoLWV was planning.

Let me know your thoughts.

One last bit of info, I asked if they knew how long the debates would last (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.). This was their reply:

“That will depend on the number of candidates there are for the Board of

Education.  Once the times have been finalized our website will be updated

with that information at .  I’ll also let you


Thanks for your interest.

League of Women Voters of Howard County”

That is awesome that they will keep me updated…and I promise to keep my readers updated as well.

My own personal thoughts, I still like the idea of a debate hosted by the HoCo Bloggers with questions submitted from the public. This is going to be a VERY important local election and the more we know about the candidates, the better decision (I hope) we make on election day.

Scott E


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