It has been a little while since I have written a “non-political” blog post so I thought I would take a moment this morning write about something I am trying on Twitter: “Daily Featured HoCoBlogs”.
If you are following my personal account @lscottewart, you will begin to see a daily post where I feature a local blogger. I started this yesterday with “The 53”
The 53 Blog
Thanks to Bill Woodcock and Bill Santos for the retweets! Hopefully we can get HoCoBlogs to retweet these in the future as well.
I will try and be somewhat creative in the posts (note the photo of the blog in the post). Most of these will be blogs that I read (somewhat) regularly and bloggers that are also on Twitter (since that is where I am sharing the information).
I have daily posts scheduled through the end of January and if you would like me to promote your blog on my channel, just let me know and I will be happy to share. I just figure this is a good way to cross promote our information locally. I personally learn a lot reading your blogs and hopefully a few of you out there enjoy the information I am sharing here.
Now to the HoCoArt section of this post. A few of you know that my daughter is a pretty talented artist (if I do say so myself). She is working really hard on some fun art projects in her Junior year of High School. I figure this is a good place for me to share her work to the world. Here is one of her latest pieces of art she shared with me:
Shelby Ewart Art 001
I love this picture. I think what she does is excellent and could not be more proud of her.
This is it for today…I have a busy week of work with clients and some events to attend, so it will be a good week for me. Hope it is a wonderful week for all of you.
Scott E