So I was doing some research and came across (what looks to be) a website for Ann DeLacy who is running for re-election to the Howard County Board of Education. Why I find this noteworthy  – I thought I would add it to the Technology Reference Card for that race…but then I went and looked at the pages on the site. This is what I found:
So obviously the site is still in development and not at a point where I am going to add it to my reference card today. If it gets completed, I will be sure to add it in the future.
Helpful tip for the person building the WordPress site – you should set the privacy settings to “private” until the site is completed.
Funny joke about the site mentioned to me on Twitter – “Well, if she makes it through the Primary, we’ll be able to try the Secondary Button, yes?”
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 5 more days until New Years Eve…
Scott E