Weekly YouTube Political Video – Chrys Kefalas – Chrys Kefalas Announcement

I am continuing my post of the use of videos for campaigns for office in Maryland. As a reminder, here are the requirements I am using to choose the videos I display:

  • Must be running for office in Maryland
  • I must know about the YouTube channel (helps if it is listed on the campaign website)
  • The video MUST contain the website address and/or social media mentions at some point in the video

Last week I looked at Glenn Ivey so I thought this week I would go back to the Maryland US Senate race and feature a video from the Chrys Kefalas YouTube page: Chrys Kefalas Announcement.

Website address first appears in the video at the 10 second mark. Campaign logo and website are shown at the end of the video. A little surprised that social media icons do not appear in the video (this team has been VERY active on social media and I expected to see the icons in the video).

The length of the video of 1 minute is great. Anything longer than this people would bail out before it ends.

The “playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner” security setting was a bit of a disappointment and will limit the number of views of this video by my readers. Maybe the Kefalas team should reconsider this setting in the future. Note to my readers – you can click the “Watch this video on YouTube” link to actually view the video.

Note: Posting of this article is in no way an endorsement of this candidate. The purpose of this post is to show how candidates promote their online outreach on YouTube.

Scott E

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