Weekly YouTube Political Video – Donna Edwards – Donna on the Road Part 1

I am continuing my post of the use of videos for campaigns for office in Maryland. As a reminder, here are the requirements I am using to choose the videos I display:

  • Must be running for office in Maryland
  • I must know about the YouTube channel (helps if it is listed on the campaign website)
  • The video MUST contain the website address and/or social media mentions at some point in the video

Last week I looked at Chris Van Hollen so I thought this week I would feature a video from the Donna Edwards YouTube page: Donna on the Road (part 1 of a 3 part series):

At the end of the video, the website link is listed (love seeing that).

Two areas of concern: No listing of social media channels and the length of the video (5 minutes) is way to long for the casual observer to watch it to the end.

Note: Posting of this article is in no way an endorsement of this candidate. The purpose of this post is to show how candidates are (and should) promote their online outreach on YouTube.

Scott E

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