November Summary – Technology Outreach Scorecards


Many Maryland Technology Outreach Scorecards were released in November. If you missed some, here is a summary of the online outreach leaders in the various races: (click the links to view the November evaluations):

U.S. President

Democrat: Hillary Clinton

Republican: Donald Trump

U.S. Senate in Maryland (2 scorecards)

Democrat: Draw

Republican: Chrys Kefalas

U.S. Congress in Maryland

District 1: No Scorecard. Waiting a bit to obtain more online data before I write this scorecard

District 2: No scorecard. Congressman Ruppersberger is the clear technology outreach leader today.

District 3: No scorecard. This race comes down to Congressman Sarbanes vs Dr. Plaster in the General Election.

District 4:

Democrat: Brown and Ivey are the leaders in November.

Republican: No one of note.

District 5:

The Democrats are the clear leaders in November. More detailed tracking information coming in December.

District 6:

Democrat: Congressman Delaney (as the only candidate).

Republican: Three way tie between Hoeber, Howard and Vogt.

District 7: No scorecard in November. Waiting to see what Congressman Cummings is going to do in this election cycle.

District 8:

Democrat: Raskin holds a slight advantage in November.

Republican: No one running at the moment

Howard County

There was also on Technology Reference Card released in November for the Howard County Board of Education. Currently there are six candidates that have filed to run in this race (I expect many more between now and February). View the Reference Card here: CLICK HERE

Coming up in December:

I am planning to write updates to all of the scorecards that were completed in November. My plan for engagement reviews in December will focus on Twitter engagement (more details coming later on what metrics I will use). Another change coming in December is a change to the scoring matrix – a reduced emphasis on the total number of followers and an increased emphasis on trends in adding new followers since the previous evaluation will be used going forward. Extra credit (other social media outreach beyond Facebook and Twitter) will continued to be considered but only for candidates that list those social media links on their campaign websites.

Good luck to all of the candidates. I look forward to following all of your updates.

Scott E

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