The results from the 2015 Mobbies are in (they actually were announced last night). Here is how this blog and the ScottE Software social media channels made out:
Best Political Blog: Scott E’s blog came in 2nd place (out of 13)
Best Suburbs Blog: Scott E’s blog came in 6th place (out of 22)
Best Twitter account: @scottesoftware came in 9th place (out of 70)
Best Instagram account: @scottesoftware came in 6th place (out of 65)
You can view all of the Mobbies results here:
I want to thank everyone who voted for this blog or the associated ScottE Software social media accounts. It is wonderful to have done as well as we did this year. I could not have done it without your support.
Congrats to all of the winners (especially those here in Howard County – we had a great showing this year).
Scott E