Kathy Szeliga Enters Maryland U.S. Senate Race

Kathy Szeliga for US Senate

On Tuesday November 10th in Annapolis, Kathy Szeliga officially announced her bid for U.S. Senate in Maryland. She is now the 4th GOP candidate in this race (Richard Douglas, Chrys Kefalas and Anthony Seda).

I wrote the GOP U.S. Senate Technology Technology Outreach Scorecard back on November 3rd so she will be listed in the December scorecard (due out in early December). I wanted to list some early outreach I have found to date:

Website: http://www.kathyformaryland.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathy.szeliga/timeline (2,782 followers)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KathyforMD (1,286 followers)

Other: Not sure if the campaign is planning to use any other social media channels for outreach. I will note I did not find anything else at the time of writing this article. If I do find more in the future, I will note it on the upcoming scorecard.

Items of concern that the campaign should look to correct:

  1. The social media links are not on the website yet. Please correct this ASAP. Also, a little more content would be great.
  2. The website link on Twitter needs to be updated. It is not pointing to your new campaign website.
  3. Branding – you might want to choose better photos for the social media channels. The branding of the channels is inconsistent and does not promote the US Senate campaign.

These are easy fixes for the team and I look forward to following these accounts in the future. I do believe based on the support I saw on Tuesday that Kathy will be a significant force in this Primary and I hope to see a significant use of technology for voter outreach.

Scott E

Here are a few photos from the announcement:


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