Howard County Board of Education Online Outreach Reference Card



The Primary is over…and what a Primary it was…We are now down to the final six. Who are they?


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Kirsten Coombs  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  
Robert Wayne Miller  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  
Mavis Ellis  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter

Janet Siddiqui

 1432405005258  facebook_20x20  
 Christina Delmont-Small  1432405005258  facebook_20x20
 Vicky Cutroneo  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  



External articles about the candidates:

10/25/16 – In contested Howard school board race, five challengers, one incumbent vie for November victory

10/08/16 – HoCoBOE Candidates at the Forum (Blog Talk Radio Show Episode)

9/15/16 – Recent HoCoBOE Facebook Outreach – September Update

8/13/16 – Recent HoCoBOE Facebook Outreach – August Update

8/12/16 – BOE Candidate Interviews starting (Dr. Chao Wu)

9/20/16 – Interview with Kirsten Coombs, HoCo BOE Candidate

9/27/16 – Interview with Christina Delmont-Small

10/03/16 – Interview with Janet Siddiqui

10/06/16 – Interview with Robert Miller

10/10/16 – Interview with Mavis Ellis

10/13/16 – Interview with Vicky Cutroneo

7/16/16 – Recent HoCoBOE Facebook Outreach – July Update

6/16/16 – Recent HoCoBOE Facebook Outreach

5/04/16 – Candidates look to November after Howard County Board of Education primary

4/27/16 – One Howard school board member, five challengers advance past primary

Below is information collected through the Primary Election. Be sure to check back from time to time for future updates.

Primary Information

The only true local election in Howard County this cycle is for Board of Education. In 2012…Janet Siddiqui, Ann DeLacy and Ellen Flynn Giles were all elected to the Board and are all up for re-election.

Some history you might find interesting:

The 2012 Primary had 15 candidates

The 2014 Primary had 13 candidates

The following chart will serve as an online outreach reference chart for all of the candidates. To view the State Board of Elections listing, CLICK HERE

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Kirsten Coombs  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  
Ellen Flynn Giles  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  
Robert Wayne Miller  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  
Mavis Ellis  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  

Janet Siddiqui

 1432405005258  facebook_20x20
 Pravin Ponnuri  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  
 Ann DeLacy  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  
 Christina Delmont-Small  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  
 Vicky Cutroneo  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  
 Corey Andrews  1432405005258  facebook_20x20  20x20-twitter  
 Marcelino Michael Bedolla
  • If something is not correct, send me an email at and I will get it corrected ASAP.


Important Dates / Events


April 14 – April 21, 2016

Early Voting Dates

April 26

Primary Election Day


Ethics Ballot Endoresments

External articles about the candidates:

04/14/16 – Howard County school board endorsements

04/08/16 – Siddiqui seeks to continue in role of advocate

04/07/16 – Howard Superintendent’s critics seek change on school board

04/06/16 – For Howard school board incumbent Giles ‘there’s still so much to be done’

04/01/16 – Bedolla believes Howard school board can be more independent

03/30/16 – De Lacy seeks reelection to promote equity

03/24/16 – Howard school board candidate Ellis touts experience in public education

03/23/16 – Youngest Howard school board candidate makes third run

02/23/16 – LWVHC Voters’ Guide Primary Election 2016

03/18/16 – Howard school board member defends use of staff email addresses for fundraising

02/27/16 – League of Women Voters of Howard County Primary Election Candidates’ Forum

02/23/16 – Howard school board candidate duo seeks to make change from inside

01/25/16 – The Money Chase: Board of Education

12/16/15 – Howard school board candidate mixes management with magic

12/08/15 – Howard educators recommend Columbia resident Kirsten Coombs for school board

11/12/15 – ‘There are a lot of things we can do better,’ says school board hopeful

10/28/15 – Columbia resident is school board hopeful

Additional Websites of Interest






  1. Other interesting facts:. Notwithstanding the large number of primary candidates in the last two elections, the available address information shows that none of them resided in County Council District 3. In fact, it appears that there were no candidates from District 3 in 2010, 2008, 2006 and apparently in 2004 either. (The available information for 2004 is incomplete. I am still looking to see if I overlooked a candidate from District 3). So before Howard County changes the election method for School Board, perhaps we should ask why nobody from District 3 has run for the past decade.


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