What If Elijah Cummings Enters The Maryland US Senate Race


It was mentioned to me that it may be interesting to see at how the technology outreach landscape would look if a third viable candidate enters this race. At this point, Congressman Elijah Cummings is the only name out there that may still be considering entering this race (that I know of). If he does, here is what the current technology outreach looks like between him and the viable declared candidates:


Facebook Followers

Twitter Followers

Instagram Followrs


Chris Van Hollen

10,750 (+878)

790 (+158)



Donna Edwards

5,115 (+837)

2,721 (+700)



Elijah Cummings




  • You can read all my analysis between Edwards and Van Hollen here: CLICK HERE
  • Cummings would start off with the 2nd most Facebook followers and the second most Twitter followers (this assumes that the campaign team will use the existing social media channels and not start new ones).
  • Cummings does not promote any other technology outreach today. If he decided to enter this race, I am hoping to see the team create additional online outreach on at least YouTube and Instagram.
  • Just a helpful hint – It would be a really good idea to unlink your Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have never been a fan of this practice and generally look down upon it in my evaluations.

Now at this point this is all for fun…until Cummings makes a final decision on the race for Senate. He would be a powerhouse candidate and would really change the dynamic of this race.

Here is some additional reading for you: Cummings at the crossroads

Scott E


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