Early Facebook Look at Maryland’s 6th Congressional District election, 2016

MD06 Facebook Evaluation

On October 11th I gave my fist look at the GOP field for the MD06 Congressional race by looking at the Twitter outreach for the candidates (READ HERE). In that article I promised that a Facebook evaluation was coming soon…so here it is:

Click the “Official Campaign Facebook Account” links to view the social media page


Facebook Followers

Official Campaign Facebook Account
Frank Howard


David Vogt


Terry Baker


Amie Hoeber


Harold Painter


Could not find an account
Christopher Mason


Could not find an account
Robin Ficker


Could not find an account
Scott Cheng


Could not find an account


  • This is an early evaluation only looking at the number of followers each candidate has today. Currently I have done no tracking or evaluation of engagement (those numbers will be included in future evaluations). Today I would use this only as a reference to the candidate pages.
  • I was unable to find “official” campaign pages for four of the eight candidates…I will giver Robin Ficker a pass this time around as he just entered the race.
  • Of the four candidates that have official pages…Vogt, Howard and Hoeber seem to be active with posts while Baker is not very active at all (only one post on Facebook in the month of October).

It will be interesting to see how things progress on this platform. Most Candidates seem to prefer Facebook to all other forms of social media so I will keep a close on one these and future pages for the candidates.

Here are some additional articles about the MD06 race from Ryan Miner:  http://www.ryanrminer.com/category/md-6/

Go luck to you all and keep us informed online about your campaigns!

Scott E

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