Democrat Debate

The Democratic Presidential Debate will be tonight at 9:00pm on CNN. Here are some things to watch for…

  1. Will Biden announce and show up? Obviously not but all the speculation is fun to listen to on the various news shows this morning.
  2. Who will be onstage tonight? Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee.
  3. Will anyone take shots at Clinton tonight? Maybe from the outsiders but I would expect to hear many more attacks on Trump tonight. (That might be the drinking game for tonight…take a drink every time Trumps name is mentioned).
  4. What kind of ratings will CNN see tonight? This is one of the headlines on CNN from yesterday CNN expects ‘significantly smaller’ ratings for Dem debate”…not great news for this field of candidates.

I will be watching with great interest just to see how things shake out during this debate.

Looking for a fun place to watch the debate tonight? The Howard County Democrats are holding a debate watching party to Glory Days Grill in Ellicott City starting at 8:30pm. Learn more here:

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Click here for more information

Scott E