Early Twitter Look at Maryland’s 6th Congressional District election, 2016

MD06 Candidates On Twitter

I have not written a social media scorecard in a while and thought I would restart this initiative with a look at the Twitter outreach for the GOP in Maryland Congressional District 6. You have many candidates trying to fill the shoes of Dan Bongino who ran in 2014 and lost by less than 3,000 votes and forced John Delaney to spend a fair amount of his own money to keep his seat in Congress.

Click the “Official Campaign Twitter Account” links to view the social media page


Twitter Followers

Official Campaign Twitter Accounts
David Vogt


Scott Cheng


Frank Howard


Amie Hoeber


Harold Painter


Could not find an account
Terry Baker


Could not find an account
Christopher Mason


Could not find an account


  • There is talk about a couple of other candidates getting into this field: Thomas Ferleman and Robin Ficker. If they do get in this race I will make sure they are added to future scorecards.
  • Painter, Baker and Mason – I was not able to find Twitter accounts for any of these campaigns. If I am wrong please send me an email and I will update THIS scorecard.

Eval of current accounts:

Vogt – Has a lot of followers but I really question how effective this account is for the campaign. The campaign links their Facebook account to Twitter (a horrible practice that is one of my biggest dings on social media), they do not use hashtags in tweets (because the link Facebook to Twitter) and they have a low engagement rate based on the number of followers they have on Twitter (because they link Facebook to Twitter).

Cheng – Has not posted a tweet since August 2oth…so not what I would call an “active” account. The previous post to Aug 20th was July 4th…so basically not an account worth following right now.

Howard – Pretty active and great use of photos and links in their tweets. One issue is a serious lack of hashtags in posts. It would not take much to improve this account.

Hoeber – Low number of followers but the account was only created on Aug 23rd so they are building their following. Decent posts but could use a few more photos on some tweets (text only tweets are easy to miss in a timeline). Good use of hashtags, specifically #MDPolitics and #MD06…by far the best at this practice on Twitter in this race today.

Should be an interesting race that I will keep an eye on…A Facebook evaluation will come soon…so candidates get your Facebook pages and posts updated ASAP.

Here is another good resource from Ryan Miner on this race updated on 9/28/15:  http://www.ryanrminer.com/the-republican-cd-6-race-as-it-stands/

One more resource from Maryland Scramble: http://marylandscramble.com/2015/09/08/republicans-ready-to-rumble-in-cd6/

Scott E


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