So, on Wednesday afternoon a section of Oakland Mills Road (in Columbia, MD) was shut down by the Howard County Police. The section shutdown (best I could tell) was between Berger Road and Procopio Circle (See photo).

Oakloand Mills Shutdown

As this is VERY near my neighborhood, I was obviously interested in finding out what was going on. I first looked at Facebook at Twitter and did not see anything mentioning this area. My next step was to reach out to the Howard County Police Department on the off chance that they would give me an update. My tweet:

My tweet to HCPD

I was pleasantly surprised that I got a response that told me what was happening…

Tweet reply from HCPD

Not thrilled having “suspicious” packages in my area but glad it turned out to be not a threat. I was very happy that they responded I made sure to thank them for their response:

My thank you tweet

For all of those reading…this is the way social media engagement is supposed to work for all companies, businesses and agencies. I am thankful for having our county police department being active and engaging to our community on social media.

You can follow HCPD updates on Twitter: or on Facebook:

It is Friday and the Ravens won last night…the weather could be better today but all in all it should be a great day.

Scott E