Trump Bush

Wondering what some of the social media numbers were last night during the debate? Here are a set of interesting numbers about the candidates on Twitter via Twitter Government (@GOV):

Most-Tweeted candidates in , w/ share of conversation:

1. @RealDondaldTrump – 22.74%

2. – 8.62%

3. – 8.02%

4. – 3.69 %

5. – 3.63%

6. – 3.04%

7. – 2.97%

8. – 2.83%

9. – 2.58%

10. – 1.58%

11. – 1.21%

What does this mean…without question Donald Trump sparks a great interest online (both positive and negative) and seems to hold an online advantage in the field (nearly 4.2 million followers on Twitter helps with his overall online numbers).

I will be very interested in the new upcoming polls to see if anything significantly changes. If you are listening to the news this morning, most have predicted that Trump may slip in the polls (but that has been said before and we have not seen it yet). I would expect that Carly Fiorina will rise and Ben Carson might slip a little. No guesses about the other candidates at this point.

Scott E